Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Night Before School" Jitters

As teachers, we've all had the "night before the first day of school" jitters. A new class with new personalities can be very nerve wracking. But as scary as it is for us, for our kids it can be 10x worse, especially those with special needs that have increased anxiety levels. Here is a cute way to relieve those first day jitters. Thanks Jan Nelson for the inspiration!


I wish I could say I came up with the template, but unfortunately I did not. You can download it from Kinderland Collaborative by clicking here! 

Once you have printed out your templates grab some treat bags ($6.99 at Michael's) and fill them with any kind of glitter or confetti you like. I chose to fill mine with confetti so that my kiddo's parents don't hate me before school even starts! *($2.99 at Michael's). 

Next hole punch a hole in the corner and fasten the bag (fastener can be found in Michael's treat bag set) to the hole punch! Lastly get your student's addresses and send them in the mail before the first day of school so they can put the glitter under their pillow! 

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