Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Teacher's Prayer

Congratulations teachers! You successfully completed this year of teaching. Whether this was your first year teaching, like myself, or it was your twenty fifth, every single one of us has something to be proud of! As the year is coming to an end and I packed up and now trying to organize all my teacher nonsense, I found this little slice of inspiration and wanted to share it with you. I received it upon my college graduation two years ago and honestly, I forgot about it till now. But since discovering it is has had a profound impact on my view of teacher. It reminded me of why I became a teacher and why this job is so important :).

I have laminated my copy and will place it on my light switch in my classroom so its the first thing I see when I enter into the room to turn on my lights and its the last thing I see when I leave to turn them off. Hopefully it will keep me calm an grounded during those challenging moments that all teachers face during the school year and keep me encouraged and positive as well. (PS, this "prayer" can be used as nothing more than a daily reminder so its not just for those of us who are religious!) Thank you again and I hope it brings inspiration to you all!

If you would like a copy to download you can download it for free by clicking here

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